Plunger dial or Test indicator

What is Lever Dial Gauge?

Lever Dial Gauge also knew as Test Indicator. It used to measure sensitive contact.

Lever Dial gauge usually measure up to 0.80 mm. But some special type lever dial design for measurement up to 2 mm. 

lever dial gauge
test indicator

As the name suggests it contain lever type contact, As Plunger type contact in Plunger Dial Gauge. This is light in weight and also smaller than Plunger Dial Gauge.

What is Least count of Lever Dial Gauge(Test Indicator)?

The least count of Test Indicator(Lever dial gauge) is 0.01 mm with a range of 0.80 mm or up to 2 mm. But some special type of lever dial gauge has least count of 0.001mm with a range of 0 to 1 mm.

Above information is valid only for dial-type test indicator. If you are looking for more accuracy choose Digital type gauges.

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Likewise Plunger Dial Gauge measurement limit is 10 mm with the least count of 0.01mm and 1mm with least count of 0.001 mm.

It usually depends on the application, type of work, accuracy, and precision of work we like to measure.

furthermore, the main problem with digital type is, they are very costly and subjected to high care and maintenance.

How do you calculate Test indicator’s reading?

Measurement by lever dial gauge is quite simple as plunger dial gauge. As the lever moves the mechanical indicator start traveling.indicator show relevant result with respect to lever movement.

parts of lever dial gauge

The user should avoid sudden contact with the workpiece surface, over tightening of contact points, and side pressure.

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What is Lever Dial Gauge used for?

Lever dial gauge used to measure variations in height, flatness, or roundness. It usually combined with Digital height gauge or Vernier Height gauge to fix same measuring force.

Therefore lever dial widely used in manufacturing industries, laboratories and in workshops.

The main manufacturers of this gauge are Mahr, Mitutoyo, Baker etc which is known for its quality product.

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