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Basics of universal length measuring machine

ulm parts

Universal Measuring Machine is easy to use and could be employed for measuring multiple dimensions of objects or instruments.

UMM(Universal Measuring Machine) consists of a rigid bed called Universal Measuring Table which is flow-table or can be fixed according to requirement.

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UMM equipped with the extra mechanism used for inspection of thread ring gauge both internal and external, plug gauge, snap gauge, bore ring, taper gauge, etc.

They are equipped with mechanisms, which enable quick and fine table adjustment. For self-centering of a job, one pair of support block is provided.

application of ULM

It consists of supporting fixed carriage also known as head and movable measuring carriage. The distance between these two is adjustable, which depend upon the specification of the model of a machine under consideration.    

Main Features of UMM

  • High Measuring accuracy about 0.0001 mm
  • Updated Measuring types of equipment
  • Advanced Display Unit
  • Easy and quick accessory exchanged
  • By Computer, process analysis and control is simple
  • High resistance to wear.

The high measuring accuracy is achieved by precise mechanics, such as parallelism of the prob supporter of +/- 1 micron, together with up to date measuring equipment.

Depending on the requirements of the measuring job, different display units used but nowadays computer monitor display or DRO(Digital Read Out)  are used.

use of ULM

Easy structure of the unit allows a precise performance of the measuring procedure and fast adoption to new measuring task.

Due to serration grip, a quick and easy accessory exchanged is ensured.

Computer support with ULM is provided for acquiring, processing, logging and transmitting measuring data.

Operating reliability and comfort by linking both measuring systems so as to make all information available on a single screen.

Carbide-reinforced measuring surfaces are high resistance to wear. 

ULM is 2D type measuring machine, for advance 3D measurement checkout this post of Basics of CMM