The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why I should apply for this Course?

Does not matter if you are Mechanical, Civil or another branch student, Because this course is skill specific which is Important & Useful in every field.

Is this course free?

Yes, It is. But the certificate is optional. You have to pay only $2 for it. We not here for Business, our vision is to provide a grateful skill to everyone.

How can I access this course?

We are new in this way of Digital Learning. But still, We will mail you every day of every chapter.

How can I get a Certificate of this course?

Well, you have to take a simple test. By this process, we are able to grade you. You may find the certificate link on your mail.

What is the difficulty level of this course?

This course is simple and easy. We covered all the basic topic that you should know about. It is not for full depth research but practical oriented.

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  1. Sir then
    What should I to do for completing my internship. &what are the steps

    1. Hi ravi, Please wait for next step,

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