Thermocouple consist of two dissimilar conductor wire, made from different metals. These wire are welded together at one end, form a junction used to measure temperature.

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The thermocouple is a simple temperature sensing device when there is a change in temperature, voltage produces in a junction. The thermocouple is simple, cheap, high-temperature limits, a durable device used in industries, labs, plants. Also used in plants furnaces, stoves etc.

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Some type of thermocouples with their temperature range is –

Type of ThermocouplePercentages of metalsTemperature range
T typeCopper (40%)–constantan (60%)−200 to 350 °C
J typeIron–constantan−150 to 750 °C
E typeChromel–constantan(57% Cu, 43% Ni)−200 to 1000°C
K typeChromel (90% Ni, 10% Cr)–Alumel (94% Ni, 2% Al, 3% Mn, 1% Si)−200 to 1300°C


See back effect

Thermocouple works on See back effect. If we connect two different metal and heat is provided any one of them, then the electron starts flowing from hot metal to cold metal, this process is called See-back effect.

We cannot measure direct temperature through a thermocouple, the output measurement can be obtained by Multimeter or Potentiometer.


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