Chapter-17 | Advanced Measurement: Introduction of CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine)

What is CMM?

CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine) is an advanced measurement machine works for measure complex and large component. CMM is a device for measuring the physical characteristics of an object. The machine is controlled by a computer or an operator.

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CMM consists of 3-axis namely X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis. Measurement is done by the prob attached to a third moving axis. This prob could be mechanical, optical, laser or white light.


So, the machine who takes reading in 6 DOF(Degree of freedom) known as CMM.

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Components of CMM

The 3 main component of CMM are-

  1. Machine itself (includes its 3-axis)
  2. Probing System
  3. Controllers & Softwares

Working Principle of CMM

CMM record X, Y, Z coordinates of the object and generate point which analysis by regression algorithm. This points are collected by Prob via direct computer control.


How does a CMM machine work?

A coordinate system is a lot like an elevation map where the combination of a letter along one edge of the map, a number along the other, and elevations shown throughout uniquely describes each location on the map.

cmm working example

This letter/number/elevation combination is called a coordinate and represents a specific place relative to all others.

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) works in much the same way as your finger when it traces map coordinates;

 its three axes form the machine’s coordinate system. Instead of a finger, the CMM uses a probe to measure points on a workpiece.

Each point on the workpiece is unique to the machine’s coordinate system.

 The CMM combines the measured points to form a feature that can now be related to all other features.


Main Parts of CMM

  • Air Bearing
  • Scales & Encoders
  • Prob system
  • Servo motors
  • Joystick
  • Machine control system
  • Software

Pros of CMM

  • Single Setup
  • Accuracy
  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduced Setup Time

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