Useful Gauges

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1. Linear Measurement

1.1 Vernier Caliper(Digital & Analog)

1.2 Micrometer(Analog,Digital, Inside & Depth)

1.3 Scales & Measuring tape

1.4 Height Gauge(Vernier Height Gauge & Digital Height Gauge

1.5 Vernier Depth Gauge

2. Angular Measurement

2.1 Protractor( Bevel & Digital )

2.2 Sine Bar

2.3 Spirit Level

3. Comparator Measurement

3.1 Dial Gauge (Plunger type & Lever type)

3.2 Slip Gauge

3.3 Bore Dial Gauge

3.4 Feeler Gauge

3.5 Engineering Square

3.6 V-Block

3.7 Radius Gauge

4. Temperature Measurement

4.1 Thermocouple

4.2 Thermometer

4.3 Thermistor

5. Pressure Measurement

5.1 Barometer

6. GO/NOGO Type Measurement

6.1 Snap Gauge

6.2 Plug/pin Gauge

7. Current/ Voltage Measurement

7.1 Galvanometer

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