V Block

In Industries where precise marking and firm holding of objects is required, V-Blocks play a major role and are extremely important metalworking jigs.

V block
Crytal V Block

V-blocks are marking and work-holding equipment used in drilling, grinding, finishing and milling operations.

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The name was originated because the middle part of the equipment had a ‘V’ shape where the objects were fixed.


The construction had two clamps:screw clamp and a U shaped handle like clamp and a V-block .

The materials used are hardened tool steel and cast iron. The V-block is used as a locator and a centralizer.

It is mostly used to fit round or cylindrical objects tight and rigid for easy marking or cutting.


It can be classified into different grooves,levels,clamps (or) grades.

Based on grooves the V-blocks can be classified as single groove and double groove,based on grades-Grade A and Grade B.

Grade A is of 100 mm whereas Grade B is of 300 mm, based on levels it is single and double level.

For long cylindrical objects a matched pair is used here two clamps and two V-blocks having the same size are used to hold the object.

The clamps are connected to the V-Block by sliding in the end or middle.

The object is kept in the V-shaped middle part and a screw clamp is tightened so that the object stays firmly when the milling and other operations are done.

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