• Basics of AutoCAD

    by dcunite
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    free course of autocad

    AutoCAD is a leading Computer-Aided Design software made by Autodesk used by hundreds of industries every day. It has many useful features that help create reliable designs that help these industries to make precise and complex designs. These include 2D sketching to 3D modeling on AutoCAD with most users being engineers. Here, we are going […]

  • Advance Engineering Metrology

    by dcunite free course of advance engineering metrology

    It is so important thing to learn Engineering Metrology for an Engineering Student or Engineer because it not only help in their study but also prepares for future industry.

  • Basics of Heat Transfer

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    heat transfer basics

    Heat and Mass transfer as the name suggests is based on the finding the rate of heat transferred through the medium such as by conduction, convection, radiation.

  • Basics of Material Science

    by dcunite free course of material science

    Learn the basics of material science in a simple practical way. In this, you will learn about metal, polymer, composite and ceramics. With the example of Making cement, paper and light bulb.

  • Mechanical Measuring Instruments

    by dcunite

    The main focus of this course is to teach you How to use Mechanical Measuring Instruments. We assemble the most common Adopted Instruments in Industries and this course contains the same. Course features Video lessons Certificate(Optional) Lesson quiz Course Directions Course Joining: Click on “Register” or log in Start the Course: Click on the first […]

  • Numerical Analysis

    by dcunite numerical analysis

    As a student, a question popped in my mind as soon as I heard about Numerical Analysis. What is so special about this field of mathematics and how is it different? In the search for my answer to this question, I explored Numerical Analysis. To put it simply numerical analysis is used to help us […]

  • Strength of Machine

    by dcunite

    Mechanics in simple terms means tell how a body would behave when you apply force to it.

  • Introduction to Polymer Science

    by dcunite free course of polymer science

    Polymers are large molecule which is made by repetition chains of small, simple chemical units called “Monomers”. Chains can be branched or interconnected to form 3D networks.