Spirit level


Spirit Level is a device which is used to check the level of surfaces especially surface tables. A spirit level is a basic bubble instrument such like It is an angular measuring device in which the bubble always moves to the highest point of a glass vial mounted top surface on Spirit Level.

spirit level

How to measure with spirit level?

spirit level

Spirit Level is easy to measuring device, we just have to trace bubble movement. For example in our figure bubble cover two digit of a scale of one side, that means actual inclination is 0.02 per units.

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The base of Spirit level is called the reference plane, is seated on the machine part for which straightness or flatness is to be determined. When the base is horizontal, the bubble rests at the center of the graduated scale, which is engraved on the glass.


The performance of the spirit level is governed by the geometrical relationship between the bubble and the two references. That is –

The first reference is an effect of gravity and the second one is a scale against which the bubble is read.

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