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'The Uncommon Skill of Metrology'

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The Uncommon skill of Engineering Metrology

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The content of this course is look like this

Chapter-1 | What is Metrology & Measurement?
Chapter-2| Limit,Fit and Tolrance
Chapter-3| Linear Measurement and Instruments used for Linear Measurement.
Chapter-4| Angular Measurement and Gauges used for angle check
Chapter-5| Comparator gauges
Chapter-6 |Transducer
Chapter-7 | Temperature Measurement
Chapter-8 | Pressure Measurement
Chapter-9| Gear Metrology
Chapter-10 | Surface Metrology
Chapter-11| Basics of Screw thread Metrology
Chapter-12| Strain Measurement
Chapter-13| Basics of Optical Measurement
Chapter-14 | Basics of Force & Torque Measurement
Chapter-15 | Basics of Flow Measurement
Chapter-16 | Advance Measurement (Universal Measuring Machine)
Chapter-17 | Advanced Measurement: Introduction of CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine)

Chapter Tests

Test-1 | Test-2 | Test-3

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