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Designed for Every Passionate Mechanical Engineer/student to get updated about all aspects of Engineering Design, Quality, Automation, Manufacturing & Management.



Why Premium?

  • Unlock 30+ Mechanical Engineering Online Courses
  • Verified Certificate
  • Lifetime access
  • No fees for upcoming courses
  • One Time Purchase(No monthly or annual fees)

Premium is Designed for Every Passionate Mechanical Engineering student to get updated about all aspects of Engineering Design, Quality, Automation, Manufacturing & Management.

After purchase you will learn the below courses:(Click below for free previews)

  1. Advance Engineering Metrology
  2. GD & T: Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing
  3. Basics of AutoCAD
  4. Seven QC tools
  5. Production planning: An Introduction
  6. Learn Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM
  7. Instrumentation and Control
  8. Mechanical Measuring Instruments
  9. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  10. Introduction to Dimension Measurement
  11. Basics of IC Engine
  12. Basics of Inventory Control
  13. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  14. Basics of Fluid Mechanics
  15. Basics of Heat Transfer
  16. Basics of Material Science
  17. Numerical Analysis
  18. Strength of Machine
  19. Introduction to Polymer Science
  20. Theory of Machine
  21. 3D Printing: An Introduction
  22. Awareness program of ISO/IEC 17025:2017
  23. Basics of Engineering Drawing
  24. Introduction to Material Handling
  25. Uncertainty Measurement
  26. Solidworks
  27. 5S System
  28. Total Quality Management
  29. Kaizen
  30. Manufacturing Technologies
  31. 3D Metrology (Soon)
  32. Job Search Guide for Mechanical Engineers in India (Soon)
  33. Basics of CNC(Soon)

Common FAQs

How to join these courses?

All courses are self-paced(you can join any time anywhere). Once purchase you can start it on the “My courses” page.

How can I get the certificate?

You can download it immediately, after course completion.

What is the validity of my purchased course?

You can access it for a lifetime.

What is Premium?

With Premium, you can Unlock All our courses. It’s one time Purchase only (No Annual or Monthly fee)

Who Can Join Premium?

Premium is Designed for Every Passionate Mechanical Engineers or Student to get updated about all aspects of Engineering Design, Quality, Automation, Manufacturing & Management.

Are there any other requirements for joining courses?

No prior knowledge requires. All you need an Internet, Mobile or Desktop and a small amount of time of your busy schedule


5 reviews for Premium (Start 30+ Courses for lifetime)

  1. Shubham Shukla (verified owner)

    You can add some more stuff regarding uncertainty calculations, how to calibrate the equipments and which types of masters are used during the calibration of equipments. Overall i am satisfied but yet now i didn’t recieve my course certificates which have been already finished. so provide me a link how can i download them.

    • dcunite

      Hi Shubham,
      Thanks for your review.
      We are working on “Uncertainty Measurement” you will get this course in October.
      You can download your certificate from “My Course” Page once you complete the course.

  2. Rahul R. Patil (verified owner)

    I’m following you for the long time, you are doing really great 👍👍

  3. tanvi.k

    I love your content 🙂

    • dcunite

      Thanks 🙂

  4. Juan R (verified owner)

    Amazing contents, love to read your posts.

    • dcunite

      Thanks for submitting review 🙂

  5. Clint (verified owner)

    The courses you have put together are excellent. They are concisely written complimented with the short video.

    • dcunite

      Thanks for submiting review 🙂

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