3D Printing: An Introduction

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3D printing is a process that is used to builds a 3D object from a CAD model. It is used for rapid prototyping and material wastage is very less since it is an additive manufacturing process.

3D Printing is way better than conventional manufacturing processes like forging, casting and machining.

It is very customizable and moreover material wastage is very less since the material is added layer by layer in contrary to material removal from a block.

Creating any object with a 3D printing machine is much cheaper, faster and more accurate.

3D printers are readily available in the market and many printing services are also being offered by companies.

3D Printing is widely used, some of its applications are printing drugs in pharmaceutical industries, space industry, fabric designing.

Also applicable in prosthetics for human beings, lightweight mechanical components and recently even in printing circuit boards and food too.

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3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing in which material is added layer by layer. The main steps in 3D printing are designing the required model from CAD software…

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3D printing is a process that is used to builds a three-dimensional object from a computer-aided design (CAD) model, by adding material layer by layer. It is used for rapid…


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