Steel Scale And Measuring tape

Steel scale is single piece linear measuring instrument. Steel scale indicates two units that are cm and inches, cm division on one side and inches, on another side.

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Steel scale is used to measure simple length in one dimension. Usually, the least count of steel scale is 1 mm. Steel scale applied in easy comparison, where less precision required.

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When linear measurements of length are to be made,scales are used.

The Scale is a long rectangular tool having four edges and corners, that gives accurate measurements over a surface in one dimension.


Scales measure lengths in SI units-millimetre(mm),centimetre(cm),kilometre(km).

The other name of a scale is a ruler.

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The scale has two divisions,the upper division and the lower division.

The upper division on the scale indicates measurements in centi-metre(cm) and milli-metre(mm) whereas the lower division represents the inches.

One inch is equal to 2.54 cm.

Scales are used to draw straight lines and for marking out.

Scales depending on their size are light in weight and are portable. They are made out of plastic,glass,steel and wood and have readings carved on top of them in numbers and markings.

It has a demanding use in any kind of profession, the main purpose of it is to draw geometric figures and lines.

Based on the sizes,the types are classified according to it’s usage and area/surface that needs to be measured.

The standard ones are of 15 cm(medium) and 30 cm(long). Based on various professions, scales are classified into an architect’s scale and engineering scale.


The architect’s scale are used to make plans and engineering scales are used in the field of engineering graphics.

It is also a technical draft tool that can be used to project large areas into small measurements in buildings and plans, and also for converting various types of views in 2D and 3D objects into a surface of 1D.

Scales are cost effective and are easily available. They are also simple to work with.

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