Vernier Depth Gauge

What is Vernier depth gauge?

Vernier Depth Gauge as the name suggests is used to measure the depth from the surface of reference of an object. Vernier caliper also has depth bar but this can not be used as the standard measurement.

vernier depth gauge parts

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Types of Vernier Depth Gauge

There are two type of Vernier depth gauge-

  1. Analog type
  2. Digital type

The least count of analog vernier depth gauge is 0.02 mm while least count of digital type depth gauge is 0.01 mm


How to measure depth with Vernier Depth gauge?

The way of taking measurement of vernier depth gauge is same as vernier caliper has. Vernier scale is moveable on main scale.


In case of digital type vernier depth gauge result can see in liquid crystal display with a maximum measuring speed of 1.5 m/s.

The measurement procedure of Vernier Depth Gauge is follow

least count

First we have to find out what is least count of vernier depth gauge, in this case we have least count of 0.10 mm

The way of taking measurement is same as vernier caliper, just follow this steps-

  1. Take the value of the Main scale before zero of vernier scale i.e. 21 mm in this case
  2. Observe alignment between two scales i.e. 0.40 mm
  3. Sum this both value, that is our final value i.e. 21.40 mm


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