Electronic Height Gauge


Electronic Height gauge used to measure vertical dimension from reference ground. Electronic Height gauge show digital display for output results with a least count of 0.01 mm.

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The electronic Height gauge is very compact, simple, easy to use instrument widely used in industries, tool rooms, workshops etc. Some think you should consider while handling Electronic Height Gauge, Because of the cost of Electronic Height gauge matter in any industries or organization.

Digital height gauge mitutoyo parts

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Useful tips

  • Keep the column and the slider, clean. That make measurement easier.
  • When slide Slider securely locks should be off. And remember to ON when required slider at rest position.
  • Set Zero first, If the main scale of the height gauge can be moved, move it as required to set the zero point, and securely tighten the fixing nuts to make it fixed.
  • Errors due to parallax error are not negligible. When reading a value, always look straight at the graduations.
  • You should avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, low temperatures, and high humidity during storage. If a digital height gauge will not be used for more than three months, remove the battery before storage.


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