Digital Micrometer

Digital Micrometer is a very popular instrument these days because of its easy of compactness of taking an observation. Digital Micrometer can observe measurement in mm or inch depend upon our need basis.

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The accuracy of Digital Micrometer 0.001 mm which is highly accurate and precise than External Micrometer. You can choose Digital Micrometer with an accuracy up to 0.001 mm if cost does not matter.

Digital Micrometer follows national or international measurement standard by the mean of its unit is mm or inches.

micrometer 50-75 mm by mitutoyo


The cost of Digital Micrometer is a little bit higher than External type. If we think cost related to accuracy, that is fair enough. Cost may vary brands to brands, usually depend upon the quality of material and technology used.

Some most famous Brands which are known for their quality promise available in a market like Mitutoyo, Baker, YAMAYO, INSIZE etc.

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There is a wide range of Digital Micrometer available with a span of 25 mm for greater accuracy and handling purpose.

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