Basics of Heat & Mass Transfer


Heat and mass transfer form and important part of day to day life starting from the Air conditioners, Microwave or a simple T.V to the cell phone in your pocket, it’s all based on the concept of Heat and Mass transfer.


So what is Heat and Mass transfer all about…
Let’s begin the story …

Heat and Mass transfer as the name suggests is based on the finding the rate of heat transferred through the medium such as by conduction, convection, radiation.

By the virtue of the temperature difference between the two mediums. When the heat is transferred as vibration from one molecule to another then it is known as conduction.

Understanding this as Passing a book from one friend to another friend sitting on the other corner of the classroom, through the hands of persons sitting in between them, simply throwing it in the air is convection and if the air between two is sucked up, then it is radiation. As simple as that.

Another important factor which is under observation is Enthalpy, it is defined as the chaotic movement of the molecules or the random motion of the molecules in a system.

Enthalpy cannot be measured directly but the relative change in the enthalpy is measured by the formula as the difference of the heat transferred from the end to start.

APPLICATION OF HEAT TRANSFER – On the basic application is the Fins which we see attached to the AC and refrigeration as well as the turbine system, they are basically to reduce the rate of Heat transfer…

Now coming to the mass transfer is defined as the process of transfer of mass from one point to another Mass transfer occurs in many processes, such as absorption, evaporation, adsorption, drying, precipitation, membrane filtration, and distillation.

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