Plug/pin gauge

What is plug gauge?

Plug gauge is used for assessment of hole or diameter of an object. With specified tolerance of GO and NOGO side, plug gauge is also known as pin gauge.

Behalf of checking the diameter plug gauge also use in comparing, setting, calibrating of other gauges.

plug gauge

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Plug gauges are available in a variety of tolerance of Metric or British standard.

plug gauge

As shown in figure. let say plug gauge size is 25H7 where H7 stand for tolerance standard(+0.0/+0.27)

so, GO side is 25.00 mm

and NOGO side is 25.270 mm

The easy way of finding GO/NOGO side

Go side of plug gauge is always less in diameter but larger in length. But in the case of NOGO, the diameter of NOGO is always greater than GO side.


Easy Measurement by plug gauge

Easy measurement by plug gauge just assess by which side of gauge fit in hole.

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