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Salary structure for a Mechanical Engineers in India

salary of mechanical engineers

Here is the main topic of Salary Structure of Mechanical Engineers as per the current Industrial Trends

Let’s discuss the main topic of Salary Structure of Mechanical Engineers, As per the current trend in India, Fresher/Junior Mechanical Engineers tend to have the lowest salaries, while more experienced workers like Senior Mechanical Engineers enjoy the highest salaries.

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 I mean experience and skill are the main keys to scoring highest in this Game. 

  • The salary range for a fresher gets somewhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 per month( Except IIT students) 
  • Skilled professionals can take away a high salary as Rs 40,000-1,20,000 Per month

The salary differs as per the industry and the level of the company. It further depends on your skills, experience, expertise and the nature of the roles and responsibilities you handle.

How About Mechanical Engineering Salary in Germany? 

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One of the common question students ask? If it’s less in India, How about Germany? 

The salary range for people working in Germany in Mechanical Engineering is typically from 2,550 EUR per month (minimum salary, around 216202 in rupees) to 5,000 EUR (highest average, around 423760 in rupees)

My Tip 

Do not limit your knowledge to traditional Mechanical Engineering Concepts, besides Don’t stop learning and Keep your technical skills current.

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