Linear Measurement

Linear Measuring instruments are designed to measure the distance between two surfaces or points ( end measurements) like Vernier Caliper, Micrometer does.

The Basic Fundamental unit of linear measurement in mm. It is one of the seven units.

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type of linear gauge (scale)

We have sub-section of Vernier caliper and Micrometer on gaugehow, Because this is the most widely used linear measuring instruments in Industrious, tool rooms.

Digital micrometer
Digital Micrometer

Even we can say in all places were measurement used, also used in our day-to-day life.

A scale is the best example to understand linear measurement. A scale is the first instrument of every student to measure lines, the distance between two points.

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Some of the linear instrument will not directly provide the measurement of length on a scale. This is basically dimension transfer instruments like Calipers and dividers.

digital vernier
Digital vernier Caliper

The linear Measuring instrument is simple, accurate, economical and easy to operate. The original accuracy of the linear instrument depends upon line graduation mounted on instruments.

There is a number of instrument available, some basically and widely used are

1. Vernier Calipers

2. Outside Micrometers

3. Digital Micrometer

4. Depth Micrometer

5. Scales

Vernier Calipers and Micrometer, we can divide into Analog and Digital. Analog is economical and simple, less accuracy than Digital. On another hand, Digital comes with more accuracy and costly.

Dial version also available of vernier caliper in order to simplify readings.

Some Think to remember while measuring

There are some points, we need to consider in linear measurement.

1. Measuring Instrument should be clean, should not bend/damaged, numbers are perfectly shown. Do not have any kind wear or tear problems.

2. The contact between surface and instrument should be optimum, perfectly coincided.

3. The Final thing depends upon the user to measure accuracy.

Course Objective(Advance Engineering Metrology)

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